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Are you a parent who wants your child to be:

Happy, mentally strong and resilient
Understand financial literacy, business and entrepreneurship
Unleash their true potential.

Then join our Junior Gladiators Mastery program!

About Junior
Gladiator Mastery

About Junior
Gladiator Mastery

Junior Gladiators Mastery is unlike anything you will have experienced before and nothing like you were taught in school. This one of a kind program has been designed by experts in sales and marketing, business management and financial mastery to teach your children all the techniques they have learnt through their own journey to freedom to help your children build an outstanding and successful life. These lessons are not from a textbook; they have been learnt through trial and error, wins and gains, successes and losses. Our gladiators walk their talk; they run their own businesses and have made millions through smart investments and understanding financial mastery. And now they bring these secrets to YOU!

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The Journey

During this journey into the arena, you will learn the concepts of what it takes to build a successful and abundant life. From adapting a winners mindset, to how to train your thoughts and feelings to transform your dreams and goals into reality.

Our sessions are taught by real life gladiators, who have built and run successful businesses and understand what it takes to succeed. They will guide you into the arena and stay close while you undertake this life changing training.

Combat Your Fears

Even the strongest gladiators had fears before they stepped into the arena. Would today be their last, or would they live to fight another day?!

We all have fears, that's just a part of life, and some fears are there to protect us from danger, just like the armour gladiators wore in battle. Some fears, however, have been inherited from people around us and do not serve us in becoming successful. We will help you to identify what patterns help you succeed and which mental blocks are holding you back from achieving your dream life. We will break down old ways of thinking and rewire your programming by introducing methods and tools to set you on your way to building an outstanding life.

Earn Your Freedom

Our financial gladiators will teach you about compound growth; what it means and how it works. How to make money, manage your money and how to make your money work for you - these are the secrets of the wealthy you’ll never learn in school! The secrets out...

You’ll be shown how to seek out investors for your business ideas and how to create and deliver a powerful pitch.

Sharpen Your Modern weapons

You will have lots of fun along the way and meet other interesting, like-minded people. You will experience building your own winning team to launch a new business idea, develop a marketing plan and pitch your idea to possible investors. We will show how to become a master of selling, negotiating and closing deals. You will leave feeling more confident and better at communicating with your peers. You will learn what it feels like to earn your own money.

Leadership & Teamwork

You will understand what it takes to be a leader and inspire others. You’ll be tested on your teamwork skills and your ability to confidently communicate your ideas. Through interactive games, you will identify what kind of leader you are and how you can improve your style to get the best out of your team members.

  • It's a competitive world out there and our children need to be ready and well trained in order to survive. They need to be faster, smarter and ready to step into the arena we call life with their weapons ready and their moves perfected to defend and strike.
  • Let them become a Junior Gladiator, develop a winning mindset, and create unbeatable habits that will lead them to their dream life. Gain the strength, focus, dedication, and confidence that will carry them to success and show them how to build a future of abundance.
Take This Journey
Become A Gladiator

This exclusive one day event will completely transform your child's outlook on life and their relationship towards finances.

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Introducing JGM
Parenting Workshops

Unleash Your Inner Parenting Gladiator with Us!

At the Junior Gladiator Mastery Workshops, we're not just talking about parenting; we're talking about parenthood with pizzazz!

Picture this: you, donned in your metaphorical gladiator gear (yep, that's your superhero cape), ready to take on the challenges and joys of raising the next generation. Grab your virtual swords and armour (okay, maybe just a cup of coffee), and get ready for epic battles, heartwarming victories, and a ton of laughter.

Join us in the arena of parenthood, where we forge resilient, confident, and thriving little gladiators!

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Parent Gladiator Workshops

October 7th 10am - 12pm

Adele Repas


AED 175
Expert in Nutrition and Health

Adele focuses on the importance of nutrients and how to biohack your health for optimal energy and youth. She will be able to answer any questions on genes, epigenetics, gut health and hormones, and is well-known for helping people find the root cause of their symptoms.

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October 14th 10am - 12pm

Theresa Du Toit

The Love Queen

AED 175
Inspirational Speaker & Life Motivator

Life Celebrator Theresa is passionate about Life, Love and Marriage and believes with all her heart that Life must be Celebrated, no matter what we have gone though.

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October 21st 10am - 12pm

Jasmine Navarro

Family wellbeing

AED 175
Certified Family & Executive Well-being Expert

Navarro works with teenagers and young adults help find their place in society and become healthy, balanced adults.She equips them with preventative tools and help them increase their confidence to achieve their goals.

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